Toddler-enjoying-air-cond-002I won’t live without air conditioning anymore. Been there, done that. I have spent many months of my life lying with multiple fans angled perfectly to maximize airflow, stripped bare lying on the bed with no sheets. It’s not a pretty picture I realize, but it’s my way of feeling less guilty about my use of air conditioning during the summer. Oh well.

I’m not great about adjusting the thermostat to conserve energy, but I accept it’s something we need to do. The question is… what does it take to actually get someone to turn their units off or up a few degrees… when they aren’t accountable to anyone but themselves?

Professor Dilip Soman has some ideas which I explain in my latest Here and Now piece:

Comma-nd of the English language

One of the problems with working in radio, is that nobody cares about my punctuation when I’m writing a story. Good thing I am no longer in a position to write an entrance exam like many new Canadians.

Find out how punctuation can wreak havoc as heard on CBC Radio’s Babel earlier this summer.

Punctuation and ESL students

Oh and after watching this many years ago, I have never misused an exclamation mark! Oh wait, did I just do it?! How bout now!?

Conflicted Canucks

I often try to imagine what it would be like to move permanently to another country. I can imagine adopting customs, language and food.

But the one thing I can’t imagine is cheering for a country other than Canada or a city other than Toronto (believe me, I tried in various cities… sorry Ottawa but I can’t stand the Sens.)

Which is why in our city there are so many conflicted fans.

I had a look at why recently on Metro Morning.

Should I stay or should I go?

Fitting that song is by a group called “The Clash” because that’s exactly what we have when it comes to the debate over cross-border shopping.

You can bring more goods back over the border now free of charge.

I’m not a big cross-border shopper but I have scored some sweet deals in the past. The problem is, those deals come at a cost… which is why Mike Colle wants people to shop in Toronto.

Meanwhile, this woman is not going to apologize for her cross-border shopping habit.

Hear them both say their piece (not at the Peace Bridge… although that would be a pretty cool place to hear them debate) as heard on Metro Morning.


Road work


I used to be so negative about riding a bike in Toronto. Now, it’s one of the best parts of my day. I developed the taste for it when BIXI began in Toronto one year ago today. I feel like a kid when I’m out on my bike. Only now I don’t need permission to use it if I head to the convenience store for baseball stickers and sour candy.

However, I do need permission to pass in front of cars and that isn’t always easy to get. Toronto is evolving and now we must figure out a way to deal with each other on the roads because as more condos go up, along with the price of gas… we’re going to see more bikes on our roads.

I chatted about this on Metro Morning three times this week.

Now I’m craving some sour keys. Good thing I don’t have to worry about maximizing my one dollar allowance.


Fitness and fines (and fleeting)

I have a bad habit of forgetting to update my blog. Thus this post has two stories. Then again, maybe the change will do me some good. After all, I can’t seem to maintain a consistent pace, so why not attempt something new in 2012? Although, what are the odds that I attempt the new system for a few months and then fall back off the wagon.

Which is why I decided to look into why we find it so hard to maintain new habits.

I’m probably going to pay for having even introduced this idea… in added neurotic thinking.

Speaking of paying, how bout dem proposed parking fines at rush hour?

When I first heard the idea, I thought to myself… why not make the tickets a thousand dollars?

Make the cost so ridiculously high that people have to obey the laws and not slow everyone down because they want to grab a coffee at a Starbucks on Yonge Street while thousands of innocent drivers sit idly chewing their nails and pulling their hair out and swearing out the window and honking their horns, all the while their phone is beeping with annoying texts and the radio is crackling and it’s hot as hell out and the air conditioning is broken and… whoops… sorry got a little carried away.

How bout just listening to what I learned about our relationship to parking fines.

I need to clear my head now. Yoga time.

(I don’t do yoga, but have always wanted to say that in order to sound enlightened.)

Year’s to you!

I’m not a new year’s resolution guy. Mostly because my thinking is too fluid to hold myself to one new task in an unwavering manner.

My new year is actually in September. End of summer. Work is back in full swing. And it’s my birthday. Even then, I still don’t make resolutions.

The one resolution I WILL hold myself to year in and year out, is to do a better job of telling your stories.

Here are some of my 2011 faves.